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FAQ #2: Do You Know Anything About Her Real Parents?

This is number two in a series I'm doing about the questions we get asked the most as an adoptive family, why they probably aren't the best questions for you to ask, and what you can ask instead (you can read Question 1 here). Please know, if you have asked me one of these questions, I'm not harboring some secret grudge- I know that in 99.9% of cases when someone asks us these questions, there is zero ill will. People are just excited and want to know more, which is a good thing! However, I think about all these questions in terms of how Vennela hears them, so in an effort to make a more positive world for her, wanted to offer some friendly education.

Once again, I have two issues with this question: what you're asking, and how you're asking it.

Vennela's story is just that- hers. There are parts of her story that are obvious by looking at our family (ie. that she's probably adopted). We also share about some parts of her story because we are proud of them…

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