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Why Won't You Sleep?! Adoption and Sleep Part 2: Staying Asleep

Sleep issues are so common in children who are adopted, in foster care, or have experienced trauma, and they can be really tough to work through! I'm sharing what has worked well for us, though every child is different so what helped our daughter might not help your child. Part 1 discussed the challenges with falling asleep, the next hurdle was getting her to sleep through the night, something we're still working on, but have made big progress!

Staying Asleep
At first, under the advice of our pediatrician, we tried having Vennela in her own bed, and us in our own bed, and when she woke up we'd walk her back to her bed to put her to sleep. However, we had to stay with her until she fell back asleep (or she'd meltdown) and that took 30-45 minutes. This happened 1-3 times a night. So, needless to say, no one was very well rested. Ultimately, we asked ourselves what our goals were: was it for Vennela to sleep in her own bed, no matter what, or for Vennela to feel safe and …

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