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Why Won't You Sleep?! Adoption and Sleep Part 3: Naps

Sleep issues are so common in children who are adopted, in foster care, or have experienced trauma, and they can be really tough to work through! I'm sharing what has worked well for us, though every child is different so what helped our daughter might not help your child. Part 1 discussed the challenges with falling asleep, Part 2 discussed the challenge he's with staying asleep, and the last puzzle piece was naps.

Naps Naps were a challenge even while we were in India with her, and there are definitely things I wish I did differently. We just sort of stumbled along and managed through India, but then we came home and Geoff went back to work almost immediately, and I was left home alone all day with a child who frankly, didn't like me very much. So come afternoon, mama needed a break. She never loved nap time, but tolerated it if someone was with her. I started off lying down with Vennela and sneaking out once she fell asleep, but she quickly caught onto that and threw a …

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